Health Needs Assessment and Service trip to Yushu Prefecture of Qinghai


CCOUC team visited some remote schools and pastoral Tibetan communities in Nangqian County (囊谦县) at Yushu Prefecture (玉树州)of Qinghai Province from 9-15 November 2014 and met with Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Yushu Prefecture is located in southern Qinghai, with Nangqian County on the southern part of Yushu, bordering Tibet Province.

The team conducted health needs assessment in several high-altitude and remote township boarding schools and village schools in Nangqian County, conducted health promotion activities in pastoral communities of Gamai Village (尕麦村) to address the throat problem and women health problems identified by villagers themselves. CCOUC work in collaboration with our NGO partner The Jinpa Project (金巴慈善会) in these assessment and service operations. The two parties have also identified future collaboration activities. CCOUC is planning to donate 100 sets of gyane pads to female students in schools as part of a pilot project to improve personal hygiene practices for Tibetan women.

A meeting between Qinghai Provincial (CDC) and CCOUC was held in the provincial capital city Xining (西宁). The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss and prepare for the Centre to support public health and Sphere Standard training for Qinghai CDC officials in the coming year.

The following is a reflection from a volunteer in this difficult trip to the remote and high altitude sites:

"The Qinghai field trip in November 2014 is... a difficult enough task mustering the stamina of the team partners, mentally and physically, over the years so as to render professional assistance to the needy in the middle of nowhere.  What counts the most is CCOUC’s sustainable development of the health measures and know-how for its recipients. 

In brief, the team has demonstrated phenomenal efforts in translating their capabilities of different fronts into solid ground work through the goodwill touch with the local people and NGO. That’s how I have witnessed CCOUC establishing its institutional pride that shared by all its stakeholders and interested parties."