Field-volunteers recruitment


The recruitment for academic year 2014-2015 is now open. We are now looking for passionate, energetic students/ volunteers to participate in the coming field trips, which aim to provide unique opportunities for students to gain familiarity with public health practice in rural communities in China.


Students will be involved in project planning, field-based health needs assessment, health intervention, project evaluation and report writing during the activities. Individuals who are interested in becoming a field-volunteer please submit their application to by 31 Oct 2014. Group interviews may be required for some field trips.


The tentative field trip dates and locations are listed as follows:

* The exact dates of the trips will depend on multiple factors such as logistics (e.g. flight availability and local partner availability), weather, local village suitability, etc.

1/ Guizhou 贵州 health needs assessment

Tentative date: 2-7 Nov 2014

2/ Yunnan 西双版纳 health needs assessment

Tentative date: 25-28 Nov 2014

3/ Chongqing 重庆星光村 health needs assessment

Tentative date: 26-31 Dec 2014

4/ Yunnan 西双版纳 health intervention trip

Tentative date: 5-10 Jan 2015

5/ Hongyan village 四川红岩村evaluation trip
(household survey + health intervention)

Tentative date: 25-28 Mar 2015


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Last updated on 14 Oct 2014.