Health Intervention trip to Xishuangbanna of Yunnan


CCOUC team visited Manbengtang Village (曼蚌汤村) in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture (西双版纳傣族自治州), Yunnan Province to conduct health intervention in the community from 6-10 January 2015 and met with Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The team conducted health promotions activities in the village school to address waste management, open trash burning and food safety issues encountered by villagers.

The health intervention topics were decided based on the result of an earlier needs assessment conducted when CCOUC team visited the village in late November 2014. Health messages and format of promotion were designed and delivered by students, while CCOUC staff provided input during the preparation process. Despite encountering bad weather when the team stayed in the community, villagers were enthusiastic in joining the promotion events. Through drama performance, interactive activities with villagers, giving promotion posters and souvenirs to villagers, the activities aim to raise villagers’ awareness and cultivate healthy habits on certain aspects of personal hygiene and public health.

Before traveling to Xishuangbanna, a Global Health Workshop was co-organized between CCOUC and our local partner Kunming Medical University (昆明医科大学)and Yunnan Health and Development Research Association (YHDRA- 云南省健康与发展研究会). The workshop aimed at equipping students and trip participants with contextual knowledge and skills to design and implement field-based activities in rural communities in China. It covered thematic topics of introducing public health system in mainland China and community work skills including building cultural sensitivity to work in ethnic minority areas.

A meeting between Yunnan Provincial CDC and CCOUC was held in the provincial capital city Kunming. The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss and prepare for the CCOUC to support public health and Sphere Standard training for Yunnan CDC officials.