Train-the-Trainers Knowledge Transfer Workshop in Yunnan, China

In collaboration with Partners in Hope, a local NGO focusing on rural environment health in Yunnan and the Yunnan International Non-Government Organization Society, CCOUC organized a 3 day knowledge transfer workshop on 16-18 Dec 2013 in Kunming City about disaster prevention and reduction with the support of Knowledge Transfer Fund from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Four lecturers from CCOUC together with 33 participants from 12 local NGOs within the Yunnan UR disaster NGO join network had participated in this
workshop. Topics discussed include basic skills of using project management cycle in NGO work, conducting emergency needs assessment, data management in disaster related projects, health promotion program in rural settings and writing skills of action plan. Sharing sessions with the Yunnan Health and Development Research Association and a local volunteer group, AA Joy Exclusion were also done after the workshop for exchanging ideas in disaster health research works. The participants had built capacity to plan and implement
projects in emergency disaster situations through community needs assessment and systematic project management framework. Throughout this workshop, the bonding of the UR disaster NGO join network had strengthened. Skills learnt from the workshop will be transferred within the participants’ NGOs as well as other parties through the NGO network.