Knowledge Transfer project won “Best Interdisciplinary Award

Photo of the KTO Best Interdiscipiinary Award

An initiative entitled “Technical Knowledge Transfer of Evidence-based Medical Humanitarian Assistance to Emergency and Crisis Responders Project ” was recognized with the “Best Interdisciplinary Award”, one of the three grand awards in the CUHK Awards of Excellence in Social Engagement 2013 organized by The Chinese University of Hong Kong Knowledge Transfer Office, on Wednesday 23 October 2013. Professor Emily Ying Yang Chan, Director of CCOUC, has given a brief talk in the Award Presentation Ceremony to introduce the achievements of the project and the work of CCOUC.

Led by Professor Chan between 2009 and 2012, the project teamoffered training courses, field-based fellowship opportunities and public lecture series for frontline practitioners working in disaster and humanitarian crisis settings. The initiatives were participated by seven local NGOs, six government agencies from the Kingdom of Bhutan, and over 30 young researchers whom delivered health needs assessments, interventions and impact evaluations in four ethnic minority-based rural villages in China, benefiting more than a thousand villagers at risk of disasters each year.

With the initial support of the Knowledge Transfer Project Fund (KTPF), the project activities served as a solid foundation for the establishment of CCOUC in April 2011. Support from the two world-renowned collaborating institutes and trust of community counterparts will continue to be keys to the success and achievements of CCOUC.