COVID-19 Home Quarantine Care Guidelines Update

In view of the urgent local needs for home quarantine care during the COVID-19 pandemic, CCOUC has joined hands with GX Foundation, advised by the Community Health Education Technical Advisory Team of invited local public health experts, to update its home quarantine care guidelines based on advices of World Health Organization, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection, taking into account of Hong Kong’s local situations. These guidelines target individuals who are suspected COVID-19 cases with mild symptoms in home quarantine (i.e. “quarantiners”). These individuals may also be waiting for COVID-19 testing or pending results. A leaflet has been designed for distribution in the community.

In addition to the scientific technical team of CCOUC, members of the Community Health Education Technical Advisory Team participating in the guidelines update include:

This leaflet has integrated recommendations in the references, adapted for high-density urbanised, Asian contexts. Details of guidelines may vary by local context. These guidelines may also serve as useful resources for cities in comparable context, after being adapted for different local conditions such as lower population density allowing for more social distance. 

The multilingual guidelines are available for downloading here: 

English Chinese Hindi
Bahasa Indonesia Tagalog Nepali
Punjabi Urdu  

The home quarantine care guidelines video is available here (Chinese only).