Chinese Edition of Sphere Handbook 2018 and Sphere Focal Point Meetings in Beijing

On 8 and 9 December 2019, CCOUC, having served as a Sphere Focal Point for China since 2014 and participated in the Chinese translation of the Sphere Handbook 2018, participated in the discussion forum between CEO of Sphere with Sphere Focal Points and the Seminar of International Standards in Disaster Response & Launching Ceremony of the Chinese Translation of Sphere Handbook 2018 in Beijing, China.

CCOUC Assistant Director Mr Chi Shing Wong and Project Officer Mr Zhe Huang shared CCOUC’s work in promoting the Sphere standards in China with the newly appointed Sphere CEO Dr Balwant Singh, sister Sphere focal points, Chinese Red Cross Foundation and some NGOs in China, including CCOUC’s collaborations with national and provincial Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in China and its forthcoming Chinese-language online course on Sphere standards on the xuetangx international Chinese online learning platform led by Tsinghua University.

In addition to understanding and building relationship with other Sphere Focal Points, participants in these events also have also learnt from the exemplary applications of Sphere standards in mainland China.

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